What Is Screen Recording? How Can I Record My Kids Screen without Them Knowing

What Is Screen Recording? How Can I Record My Kids Screen without Them Knowing

The screen recording refers to the monitoring and recording of the live performing activities over the screen of a device. The feature is of vital significance when someone needs to have a close watch over the activities of others, for the accomplishment of ethical and lawful purposes.

The screen recording feature proves to be of primary significance for the parents and employers in many ways.

The most promising application of the feature is aimed at serving the concerns and reservations of the parents who want to come up with the moral and ethical training of their kids.

The need arises when parents get hints at inappropriate or unsuitable activities of the kids. The parents are nowadays increasingly looking for this type of solutions because the digital networks, social media, and internet usage by the kids is increasing day by day.

The increased internet usage by the kids has posed some serious implications over the lives of the kids. The kids are becoming victims of cyber bullying, sex offending, online predating, and cyber harassment.

So, the parents’ concern is rightly justified because the cyber criminals look to breach the security bubble devised by the parents and try to get into their personal lives, and after knowing the deep side secrets, they exploit them at a later stage.

The problem has some financial implications as well, the cyber criminals sometimes look to identify financial information of the parents by harassing kids, and if they succeed in doing so, the family will suffer financial damage, which can be hard to bear.

Kids monitoring has become part and parcel for their moral training and ethical well-being because, with the evolution of the internet, the kids are now more prone to indulge in questionable and inappropriate activities, which can damage and restrict them from doing good in their future endeavors.

So, with the discussion rolling out, it can be inferred that parents should start monitoring their child’s activity comprehensively so that the parent may stay aware of any potential threat or harm, and the same can be dealt with in the best possible manner.

The best monitoring tool for the parent to keep a check on there is using a spy app. A fine spying facility records and generates a log of all the activities that a child perform using the target device. This provides a fair insight into knowing the pattern of communication and interest of the child.

Upon assessing a number of services, we came to know that currently, TheOneSpy is best in spying on the kids. The app serves the best in all aspects of monitoring the kids.

The spy app can be installed on the cell phone or laptop/computer of the kid, and each and everything can be recorded without any hassle. We will have a look at the screen recording app and other salient features of the app.

Screen Recording Feature

TheOneSpy furnishes the best screen recording functionality among all the spying facilities available in the market. The app turns on the feature at the time of end-user’s choice.

This allows knowing the real-time activities performed by the kid over the phone screen. The feature can be turned on while the kid uses social media apps like Tinder. This enables to cope with the threats of online dating and other questionable activities.

The spy app allows knowing all the activity of the child over Whatsapp, Line, Viber, Snapchat, and Instagram using the said feature. Using the service, the real-time communication through the chats, images and videos shared can be stalked without target-user’s knowledge.

Surround Recording Feature

This is one of the most promising features of the app. The app allows the parent to know the real-time whereabouts of the kids by bugging the mic or front or back camera of the app. This enables to identify if the child is following the prescribed family ethics code or not; upon finding any unsuitable activity, the parent can take necessary action.


The need and significance of the screen recording feature discussed in detail; the discussion suggests that TheOneSpy app is the best in recording live screen activities of the child. It mirrors all the activities to the end-user’s phone and contributes towards the safety and security of the child by all means.


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