How to Prevent Jaundice in Babies & Their Treatments

How to Prevent Jaundice in Babies & Their Treatments

I know you are very sad and in hurry to know that how to treat your baby.

First, make yourself calm and understand that this is natural in newborns jaundice happens in baby to rise in bilirubin level.

A most newborn baby does not need any treatment but in some cases, you need little treatment about which we discussed below.

So, if you are in search of how to prevent jaundice and how to treat the baby when he/she is suffering from Jaundice then you are in the right place just stick with this article until the end.

If we talk about how to treat jaundice then you have to understand the cause of jaundice and this is very simple.

This disease happens when the level of bilirubin increase in the liver of the baby,

but if we neglect all these hard terms then we can understand that this happens when the baby does not get enough breast milk and on time.

Some baby born premature, some baby does not get enough breast milk, or when the baby has different blood group like if the mother has o and baby have A or B blood group.

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Treatment of baby jaundice.

Below I provide a small list to show you some useful treatments which you can give to your baby, who suffering from jaundice.

Before, you read remember the more serious case of jaundice should start treatment as soon as possible. So, must consult your doctor if your baby is more ill.

  1. Fluids.

Dehydration is also one of the regions of jaundice, because when fluids in the body drop then bilirubin level increases, and this causes jaundice.

So, try to give high fluid to your baby.

  1. Phototherapy

You can’t do this in your home but you can do this by visiting any nearby hospital.

In this phototherapy treatment, your baby is kept in blue light in only a diaper and special protective goggles, and this helps to low the bilirubin level.

  1. Blood transfusion.

This treatment is only happening in very severe cases when your baby’s lever not able to make enough red blood cells.

All the above treatments are the best treatment for baby jaundice, the only first point is the point which you can do in your home and that is the first phase of jaundice.

So, keep in mind that if your baby has mild jaundice then give him fluids food approx 8 to 12 times a day, then the bilirubin level goes down and your baby becomes healthy.

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Last words

If you reach this section of this article then I think you read the whole article carefully and ready to do treat your baby well.

Just keep in mind that jaundice is normal for newborns, generally, this happens between the 3rd to 7th day of birth and doctor discharge after check all these issues.

But if you are a new parent then do not take more tension. You can give fluid food 8 to 12 times a day and this reduces the level of bilirubin and your baby soon become healthy.

But it may take a face of serious disease and in that case, your baby becomes more sleepy and fever about 100°celcus and this is the serious time when you visit your doctor urgently.

So, I think your baby is normal and you get all answers to your queries and if this article helps you in this process then do not forget to share it.

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